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Fairfax Search Dogs, Inc.

Elizabeth Chaney


840 West Bay Front Rd

Lothian, MD 20711


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Our Mission Statement:

To acquire, train, certify, and maintain Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Canine Search Specialist teams (one dog and handler) for deployment as a regional, national, or international resource.

These specialized dogs are trained to find live victims trapped beneath the rubble or debris in a natural or man made disaster and perform a trained bark alert at that specific location until the handler arrives. Our dogs and the timely information they generate save lives.

Fairfax Search Dogs provide a valuable asset for several agencies in the Nation’s Capitol Region including Fairfax County and  the District of Columbia Fire and Rescue Departments.

In addition, we can provide certified canine search teams for human remains detection, on land or in the water, as well as wilderness/open area missing persons assignments.

All of our dogs are owned and trained by their individual handlers. They each have a family who loves them as well. These dogs will stay with them for their entire life.

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We love what we do!